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w us have to look down on him. After that, how can he tell him how to bring troops to fight Without much effort, some people came to report it. Dudu, Dong attack, and Xu Sheng, the two generals have already put together the soldiers and horses, please show them. Xu Sheng blocked Lu Su s words an.d then held a fist. The last will be honor Then I took a few small schools and arranged for it. This can ADC it exam make Lu Su, who is accompanying Zhou Yu, a little embarrassed. He doesn t know what to say. Looking at Zhou Yu, who was standing there and looking cold, said that since there is no way to persuade you, then I will accompany you when you go to work, and go with the knife and the sea. Listening to him, Zhou Yu was able to return to God. The order is passed down, and immediately the fire is firewood Hey Then Zhou Yu sorted out the draped, armed with the gun, and led the soldiers to go to Chai AccessData Certification Sang. Waiting to ADC come to the sea faint land, in a place where the grass is crowded, suddenly heard a burst of shouting, then erected a lot of flags, and countless people. This time the ambush can be considered true. A small school immediately reminded Zhou Yu, D Du, you see, that is Gan Ning. Where The other side. Zhou Yu fixed his eyes and saw that it was really Gan Ning, he felt himself in his head. A little bit.except for hating anything. Hey Zhou Yu that gas, he pointed a gun at Gan Ning, Jinfan thief I want to fight wi

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