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or It was a bustling downtown, and Xie Ning shouted.loudly. Immediately, a group of passers by looked around and made a lot of fun. That is taking the horse, isn t Jiang Xiaolang Who is this person Is Jiang Xiaolang s husband Can you marry a young woman like this, and it s too late to hold it. Passers by talked a lot, and the words of discussion made Xie Ning s blush and white for a while. Jiang Yuexin turned over the horse, a dress, and raised his eyebrows to look down at Xie Ning, who stood at the door. He said Xie Gongzi, if you really understand the rules, you should know that you must come to the door before you go to the door. The post asks about the time of the month, so as not to bump into any tolerance itinerary instead of coming and going, I want to leave and let Ben Lang leave the errands to accompany your mother and son to eat, drink and play. Xie Ning was stabbed. The face turned red. The rude woman like Jiang Yuexin dared to say that he did not understand the rules. You don APDS t want to APDS it exam be too much Xie Ning chased out a few steps, Avaya Certification pointing hi.s finger at Jiang Yuexin, and shouted his head. Do you believe that I immediately retired this marriage You retire. Jiang hold the reins on the heart, slowly said, thanks to my father was still in front of me put you boast of stories,

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