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mmand, so this was also quite awkward. When the time was in chaos, Liu Bei did not dismiss the soldiers and horses as in the Romance. Instead, he listened to Guan Yu s suggestion and sent Zhang Fei to Yong Yong, and raised 4,500 people. He once again gathered five thousand troops and went to Anxi County to take advantage of it. In ac.cordance with the plan of Guan Yu, Yu Yong was reduced to zero and moved ASE it exam between Plain State, Dongjun and Qinghe County. Although he has gathered two thousand yellow scarves, but ASE the war is constantly going on, but no one knows, there are HP Certification people who have accumulated a large number of soldiers and horses here. So close to the county, many of the yellow towels here came from the state of Youzhou. I heard that after Liu Bei was in Anxi County, he was far away from this place and did not dare to be offended. Anxi County has become a land of peace because of the arrival of Liu Bei. Therefore, the people are very grateful to Liu Xuande for his kindness. Zhang Bao was unfavorable in the war in Zhangzhou, and he thought of winning the Youzhou first. After the expansion of power, we will find a decisive battle. After Liu Bei got the news from his north, he quickly rushed to the county to rescue. When Zhang Bao came to the left of Guoyi County in the river, Liu Bei, who had already arrived, had led the army to at.ta

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HP2-Z32 Implementing HP MSM Wireless Networks HP ASE
HP2-Z33 HP Unified Wired-Wireless Networks and BYOD HP ASE
HP2-Z34 Building HP FlexFabric Data Centers HP ASE