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military training. Get on the bus, I will send you back. Ye Heng said quietly. No, AccessData it exam I will go AccessData Certification back with Yang Liu. Ye Heng listened to the cool words, then he looked at the willows next to him, thin lips and slightly open, and said Yangliu got on the bus, I will send you back. Then look at the line again Cool, said This AccessData is always OK Willow and cool on the car, Ye Heng sitting alone in front, cool and willow sitting in the back seat. Yang Liu licked his cool shoulders and was about to open.his mouth. He found that there was a line of sight falling on his own hand. The burning gaze, even if Yang Liu wanted to ignore it. Yang Liu looked at the man driving in front, and hit the line of sight from the man in the rearview mirror. Yang Liu slightly raised his eyebrows, and he was more arrogant and cool, and then he felt that the man s more burning vision fell on his own. Only holding the hands of the beauty. Is this jealous Hey, look at that face, it s really ugly. This Ye Heng, she is a woman, so do not have to be so stingy, people have not yet caught up, they have such a strong desire, really no problem What s more, the old cows eat the young grass, but also look at the food and eat it. Chapter 138 Instructor, does your family live on the beach 8 , , The tail grows long. Yang Liu slightly open his lips, looking at the direction of the car drivin

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