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f a bitter face, just say a few words, he immediately turned his back. When will Jom really understand, Xiao Yan believes in the past, the past is not her, now is not her, the future is even more impossible for her Jo Moe squatted on the bag and strode to the hotel elevator. When passing by the poor Song Xiazhi, he sneered and said Because the poor, my acting is really not as good as you Xiao Yan took a shot of Song Xiazhi around him. The tone couldn t hear any emotions You go to the car first. Xiao Big Brother, I didn t Adobe Certification mean to find Joe s sister trouble, I really just want to ask, why was she I want to leave you Well, you should wait for me first. Song Xiazhi bit his mouth, some reluctant, Xiao big brother, are you going to find Joe sister inside I am looking for her, it is about work. Nothing. No, she can t let Xiao Brother and Jomer alone. If Jom said something in front of Xiao Brother, she shouldn t say something Song Xiazhi suddenly licked his chest Adobe Certification it exam and quitted. Xiao Yan frowned, What.s wrong She retched a few times, red eyes said I don t know, suddenly very uncomfortable, Xiao Big Brother, can you not go to Joe sister, I want Adobe Certification you with me. Her little hand grabbed his big hand. Xiao Yan was afraid of her accident. I will take you to the hospital. Song Xia knows the next day. On these days, h

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
9A0-331 Adobe Connect Pro 7 Adobe Adobe Certification
9A0-350 Adobe InDesign CC Recertification Exam Adobe Adobe Certification
9A0-351 Adobe Illustrator CC Recertification Exam Adobe Adobe Certification