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ow much he knows the result. I will come first. He will be much simpler than Huang Zhicheng when he chooses undercover, and he will be the first to AppSense Certification take the lead. Huang Zhicheng has no opinion on this Well, then you should come first. These two people, not undercover for the first time, choose the undercover for the first time. Yes So Huang Zhicheng is very interested in this, and he plans to see how Zhou Xingzu chooses people. Nodded to the chief of Zhao, the chief of Zhao made p.eople call in with Liang Xiaoyu first. Liang Xiaoying, who was being trained outside, was suddenly named by the instructor. The whole person was shocked and quickly stepped forward. He said Report. The sergeant glanced at him and continued 27223, Liang Xiaoyan, 27147, Liu Jianming, 27149, Chen Yongren, 27329, Wu Liwen. Derailed. Four people who were named, all out. Other students, looking at these four people, can not help but show the expression of gloating. When I was trained, I was named, and there was absolutely no AppSense Certified Specialist it exam good thing. You follow the officer. The instructor carried his hands and looked at them with a trace AppSense Certified Specialist of pity. A buddy next to him took the four people away. The four men sweated and followed the officer into a classroom. Looking at each other, each of them feels unlucky. The first one to conduct an interview was, of

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
APP-101 AppSense Professional Exam AppSense AppSense Certified Specialist
APP-201 AppSense Environment Manager Specialist Exam AppSense AppSense Certified Specialist
APP-DSK-100 AppSense Certified Professional 2.0 AppSense AppSense Certified Specialist