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e door and walked into.the house and saw the mother holding the fat cat s nest on the sofa to Ariba Certification it exam watch the TV series. When I heard the sound, Fumu No, I have eaten outside, Mom, If you have nothing, just take a break, don t wait for me. After repeating this sentence, Fu Hao went back to Ariba Certification the room. looked back and saw Fu s figure opening. You are back, why are you so late today, I will give you a hot meal. Looking at Fu s door, Fu s mother wrinkled. Frowning, but did not say anything, the child is too big, she should not be in charge of anything. However, one thing sounded, Fumu got up and went to the door of Fu Yu s door and knocked on the door. Fu Wei, tomorrow, Saturday, if you have time, you can go to the library with your core. The language core says to find some learning materials and give you a tutorial. Mom, no, I have found a classmate to help me with tutoring. In the room, Fu Yan lying on the bed in the upper body, holding a mobile phone in his hand, planning to find a way to get money, heard the words of the mother, di.d not want to return a sentence. Just kidding, of course, you have to Ariba Certification keep a distance from Yang Yuxin. If you are misunderstood by the cool, it is not good. Chapter 598 The last little story End of chapter 10 After class, Fu Hao hurriedly picked up things and ran out of the classroom. The sun

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
5A0-100 ARIBA CERTIFIED APPLICATION DEVELOPER-Ariba buyer v7 Ariba Ariba Certification
5A0-120 Ariba Certified Catalog Adminsitrator-Ariba Buyer Ariba Ariba Certification
5A0-130 Ariba Certified Procurement Specialist Ariba Ariba Certification