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would have reached this point. Su Qingyi looked at her in a quiet voice and comforted her If you are a child, even if you are in a hurry, depending on your situation, why not let it go. It is better to let it go. The body is not a big problem, just, not pregnant. Jormer lost his soul and walked out of Su Qing s office. Her mood could not be calmed for a long time. She sat on the promenade and adjusted her mood for a long time. It was a mess. Perhaps it was too long for her to go, the phone in her pocket, Xiao Yan did not worry about calling. What did the doctor say Jomo took a deep breath, and she said calmly to Xiao Yan, who said The doctor said nothing, just cold. Xiao Yan frowned, some doubt, if it is really okay, why Have you been back Axis Certification for so long where are you Jomer looked up and looked at the three characters of Gynecology and Obstetrics and got up. He said to the phone I will be back soon, don t worry Back to the orthopedics, Jorome stood in Xiao.Yan s At the door of the ward, even after doing a few deep breaths, I adjusted my Axis Certified Professional it exam Axis Certified Professional mood and pushed the door in. At the moment of entering the door, all the dejectedness on h

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