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ur wife from your mouth, I am so happy In fact, only she knows it, whether it was two years ago or two years later. She has never been his real legal wife. Xiao Yan forgot the past and didn t know, but she knew that they had never applied for a marriage certificate from beginning to end. From the pocket, Xiao Yan took out Cartier s velvet box and opened it. Inside was a brand new diamond ring. He pulled her.right hand and took the female ring that was originally worn on the ring finger. Since the size is not suitable, don t force yourself to wear it. Song Xia knows that his hand is covering his mouth, and he is moved to tears. Xiao Yan took the Cartier diamond ring in the velvet Booking it exam box and took it out and put on her ring finger. Her gaze, throughout the dinner, did not leave the wedding ring on the ring finger. This is Xiao Brother, the wedding ring for her no longer Jomo. She finally has her own wedding ring. I am sobbed. Xiao Yan put the first female ring in the palm of Booking Certification his hand. I don t know why, it s just an ordinary ring. Booking He looked at the ring, but he was a bit sorrowful. Perhaps it is feeling, the feeling between him and her, like this ring, can t go back. He put the ring back in his trouser pocket. All night, Song Xiazhi was very happy. She is in

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
GG0-101 Green Star Accredited Professional Exam - Australia May 2008 Booking Booking Certification
HO3-045 HP Laserjet 2400 / p3005 series Booking Booking Certification
S10-905 SNIA Qualified Storage Sales Professional exam Booking Booking Certification