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How was this obedient this time In my mind, my thoughts flipped a few times, and Su Shi came to a conclusion She must have been distressed by him. It must be, if not he thinks it will be fine. After waiting.for more than half an hour, Su Shi specially bathed in a bathrobe and waited in the room, and her heart was awkward. The door bell rang. Su Shi finished the whole body of the bathrobe, and deliberately opened the neckline, revealing the white but sturdy chest naked. Only opened the door, and when I opened the door, I threw a bag of things on the face. Su Shi took a sigh of relief and took CCENT it exam a look at the medicine in the bag. Su Shi s heart rippled. Sure enough, I still feel bad about him, I bought medicine. Cool, come in and sit not waiting for Su Rin words finished, he opened his Cisco Certification mouth to interrupt the cool, pink lips delicately The drugs on their own, I will go back. And so on This is different from what he imagined. Shouldn t he help him with medicine Hey, cool, you just left Oh, yes, forget to say goodbye Bye Looking at the cool CCENT back, Su Shi was laughed. Sure enough, there is no conscience, but he likes it. He doesn t have a conscience. He also likes it. Grab the messy hair to get up, after.washing, cool and change your clothes and step on the slippers, squat down the stairs. Just walked to the stairway, the footsteps stopped, looking at the

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640-823 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 Cisco CCENT