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had not returned, and the sword was pulled out, which just rightly blocked her Cisco Certification attack Jiang Yuexin was shocked and quickly retreated. Her footsteps were fast, and her figure was like a residual CCNA Voice electric power. She retreated to ten steps. As a result, Wei Chijing s subordinates finally discovered her existence, and they rushed out and pulled out their weapons. It s Tiangongren Great courage Slaughtered this l.ittle rabbit Although they screamed loudly, they came to Jiang Yue s heart like a noodle. She hit the keyhole with a broomstick, and several big men fell down softly. When there were no more people around, she gritted her teeth and attacked Wei Chijing again. The wind drums are full of sleeves, and the letter paper books are scattered all over the feet. The cracked blue ink block exudes a fine aroma, and no one is interested in CCNA Voice it exam the cracked porcelain. The boots are trampled over and the ground is even more so. Small Lang will Wei Chijing squinted and his voice gradually rang. Are you coming to kill me After a pause, he laughed and said, It is so. Jiang Yuexin stood and looked carefully. He is in shape. He did not change much from the old days, but he wore the clothes of the Dayan royal family, and the more beautiful and handsome. The former cold shackles have now become sharp and sinister, an

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
200-001 Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (VIVND) Cisco CCNA Voice
640-461 Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration v8.0 Cisco CCNA Voice