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iang Yuexin and Huo Shujun met Gu Jing he carried only the roast rabbit and talked with other men. Cold and not seeing Huo Shujun, Gu Jing s face has changed. In the next moment, Gu Jing coughed and said Missy, the flowers are not picked, and the rabbit is blessed with condolences. Then, the roasting rabbit was lifted with a blank expression. Huo Shujun instantly smiled and opened the flower. While laughing, Miss Huo took a look at Jiang Yuexin and said, I said it The mirror brother will come back to find me. Jiang Yuexin Fushou What is the who is looking for you It is clear that he was caught on the road, but he could only start acting. Jiang Yue hearted to the sid.e of Gu Jing, and he said How do you throw people alone on the stone How safe is CCSM it exam it. Gu Jing snorted and raised his eyebrows How can I She always wraps around. Looking at me, things can t be done well. Go back and your brother blames it, and the penalty is still my moon. Jiang Yuexin said with a heartfelt heart A mirror, you have to say something to Miss Huo. Don t delay others. Gu Jing sneered a little, and the eyebrows are very disdainful When did I say that CheckPoint Certification I said it straightforwardly, I only want to be her sister, but CCSM she doesn t believe it. Why don t you believe it Jiang Yuexin scratched his head. Miss Huo Da is not awkward. Gu Jing saw her confused look. She immediately took three steps and made two steps. S

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156-115.77 Check Point Certified Security Master CheckPoint CCSM