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unny, I am telling you Hao Xichen has been closing his eyes, even if someone is so noisy He also never opened his eyes. There is a parachute on the plane, let s jump The cold stricken sentence broke Linchuan. In fact, he is not really angry. He is such a character, likes noisy, likes to talk, doesn t like the dull atmosphere And he also believes that his own way of self.entertainment will bring some happiness to many people Hao Xichen is also used to his character In fact, he knows that Linchuan will not play the idea of Kelly, but, man, how much is still possessive As long as it is the opposite sex, there is danger, and all he can do is to kill this danger in the cradle You, no heart and no lungs Linchuan was tired at this time, and sat honestly playing games. Hao Xichen s mouth gently raised, a helpless expression. Haha But suddenly he smiled. You look like a person Who The two men spoke in the same mouth. But my lips are slightly raised, Ye Yinan Well, it is quite like. You should introduce two of you to know the next day Hao Xichen nodded, and the smile on his lips was unpredictable. The name CCVP Ye Yinan is a bit familiar, but it is CCVP it exam a bit strange. Linchuan s brain flashed quickly over the faces of Miss A s famous lady, and finally slammed his head, loudly, Is that the little wild cat of Ye s family Do Cisco Certification you know her Hao Xichen was surprised, and he never remembered Linc.huan in his memory. When I

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-425 IP Telephony Troubleshooting Cisco CCVP
642-432 Cisco Voice Over IP Cisco CCVP
642-444 IP Telephony Exam (CIPT) Cisco CCVP
642-446 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony Part 1 Cisco CCVP
642-452 Gateway Gatekeeper Exam (GWGK) Cisco CCVP
642-453 Gateway Gatekeeper Exam (GWGK) Cisco CCVP
642-456 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 2 (CIPT2 v6.0) Cisco CCVP
646-272 Meeting Place Certifications Cisco CCVP