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g Nanzhao s chance to rush to Ruan. Brother, you are finally here It s okay If Nan looked up and down his sister, if someone dared to move her hair, Ye Runan definitely lived his skin Recalling Nan shaking his head, Nothing, hurry up these reporters Soon, the reporters were driven out. But they did not leave, but braved the big sun outside the exhibition hall. The first volume of Chapter 131 is light and heavy. There are only Ye Runan, Ye Yinan, Hao Xichen, Su Keer, and several judges and several staff members CIPS it exam in the exhibition hall. The atmosphere at the scene was not somewhat relaxed because of the departure of the reporters, but it was even more serious and serious. Since it is quiet, then a few seniors will start to see if our works are really suspected of plagiarism Hao Xichen was cold faced, and there was no fe.eling in his tone. The several judges present at the scene looked at each other and did not know what to say and did not dare to have the next move. Hey, what do you mean by Hao Xichen What is your most CIPS concern about your interests What about it I tell you, how do you want to toss me, but don t touch my family Ye Yinan is a Anxious, but this thing, if it is not involved, she does not want to control it Hao Xichen and the detached dog and men CIPS Certification were drowned by the outside

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
A10 Measuring Performance in Purchasing and Supply CIPS CIPS Certifications
A6 Analysing the Supply Market CIPS CIPS Certifications
A7 An Introduction to Purchasing Strategy CIPS CIPS Certifications
A8 Preparing and Managing Contracts CIPS CIPS Certifications
A9 International Logistics CIPS CIPS Certifications