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ady to send troops. Then people will be surrounded by several suspected bluffs around the CIW Certification country. After Ping Yi s f.ine work to find out the news, Liu Bei will sneak up on the Jianghuai as the main public. When he decides, he will not let Guan Yu act again. Cao Cao listened after the big joy This is a wonderful test Then he added Zhang Fei has made a contribution to the country, but also asked Cao Gong not to be rewarded. Cao Cao was shocked after listening. In order to make Liu Bei an army, he deliberately sealed Zhang Fei as the general of the West, and let him attack Hu Chuquan. The official position of General Zheng Xi is not low, how can he be rewarded Cao Cao did not know CIW Associate it exam what he was thinking about. See Cao Cao s incomprehensibility, and he said Please ask the Lord to play in front of the emperor and teach Zhang Fei to Yangzhou Mu. Cao Cao suddenly realized, CIW Associate laughing Wen Ruozhi is very. Sun Quan always wants to put Yangzhou in the bag. Once this flight became Yangzhou, it will inevitably make Sun Quanxin feel like a knife. At that time, he will always miss Liu Bei. Cao Cao , , One gave Guo Jia, let him and Xia.Houzhen,

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1D0-510 CIW v5 Founfations Exam CIW CIW Associate