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by CIW Certification one At that time, the five nation coalition forces had hundreds of thousands. Soldiers and horses, let Tian Dan s more than a thousand ranching cows give a big defeat. Do you say that it s so simple This Wei Rong had never heard of the fire ox , but it s not being stunned. of. Now called Chen Sheng so few words ah., put the WEI to Hude stupefied, powerful ah But there are so many another way, the world is reading a lot of people, how not seen anyone make it Only Because it is limited by the terrain Oh This fire ox, you CIW Certified Instructor need to play in the enemy s inevitable situation, can be used for great purposes. We will list these 50 cattle in ten rows on the coming day. In order not to teach them to hurt each other, it is necessary to have a certain distance, and five in each CIW Certified Instructor it exam row is enough. Then, on the shelves on the backs of these cows, help the long bamboo poles that are longer than the sharp blades, and give these cows Separated by the frame. The army of Guandong Guanyu is just on a narrow flat

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1D0-441 CIW DATABASE SPECIALIST CIW CIW Certified Instructor
1D0-51A CIW Internet Business Associate CIW CIW Certified Instructor
1D0-51C CIW Network Technology Associate CIW CIW Certified Instructor
1D0-635 CIW JavaScript Specialist CIW CIW Certified Instructor