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ed a piece of chicken into her mouth, pretending that nothing had happened. But she didn t expose her, smiled and sighed. Oh, it s not good or bad Serena frowned. I can t understand what you said, is it good or bad From money Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist From the above point of view, it is quite optimistic. However, from my heart, it is not good How do you feel so timid Serena hurriedly sat beside her, her eyes flashing, gossip, Quickly talk How much is it.You can eat chicken chops, and carelessly, I didn t say, as long as I am willing to take orders, how much money can be done Selena heard this, even more excited, if there are no guests in the store, She may pick it up. No, it s such a cow Then you don t hurry to make a fortune But she gave her a blank look, proudly said, The old lady has already made a fortune What is she, aging mother I didn t even look at it Serena Cisco Certification suddenly calmed down and asked with expectation. That, since you can t see it, give me the money You are not afraid of being killed Come and kill me Xiao Shuang glanced at the two ignorant girls Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist it exam who were in trouble here, and the

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648-385 CXFF-Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers Cisco Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist