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e of tofu. When someone visited, the glass of a certain product booth Cognos Planning Certifications it exam burst directly, and the reason was not detected. Fortunately, there is no injury. Planing out these accidents, the experience of the whole event is very poor, and the feedback of the COGNOS Certification activities is bad. Fortunately, there were not many participants, and the Cognos Planning Certifications brand department followed suit one by one, but it did not make a big mess. Zeng Pei Chen Xing s Chen Xingyu personally called Mr. Liu personally, Liu always invited to eat, Jiang Xin.g said that there is no time, let us deal with this matter. Liu is very angry now, I am because of this today The matter was stunned by Liu for half an hour. Ok, these are small things, not to mention. We all know that there is no room for this matter to be dealt with. After all, the aftermath of the work of Jiang Xing has been done, we can only make an apology and make up. Coco s work is suspended first, the review book and account details are rushed out in the past two days, and the company s punishment notice is sent. Yang is not reconciled, but if he does this, he will not be willing to bite his teeth and blood. Under swallow. In addition, because of this incident, the work schedule of our group will change accordingly. Later I will send the latest arrangements to the working group. Coc

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CP0-112 Congons 8 Planning Application Consultant COGNOS Cognos Planning Certifications