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F City for a lifetime, being deceived for a lifetime. Xiao Wei eventually took the call. After the phone was answered, Song Heng at the other end spoke up. Hey, where are you Since the separation of Italy, Song Heng has never dared to call Xiao Wei, perhaps because of his heart, or perhaps because he is afraid that he will call this phone, and he DB2 and Xiao Xiao are afraid. I didn t even have a friend. And his conjecture is not wrong. Xiao Wei did not intend to go with him again. On the one hand, because of the relationship between Rongcheng and Mo, on the other hand, and the most important, Song Heng touched her bottom line. Song Big Brother, our friendship in the United States for so many years, your care for me, I have always been on my heart, and I care a.bout our friendship, but now, I am sorry, I am afraid I will never be able to do it with you anymore. My friend. I know, you don t have DB2 it exam to apologize, it s not your problem. Xiao Yan bit his lip. Dong Song, why are you cheating me, Amo is dead Amo is IBM Certification the most important person in my life. Why do you want to make a joke about this Hey, happiness never succumbs to positive means of seeking. If it is unscrupulous, I think Rongcheng is more embarrassed than me, no matter

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-355 Iseries system administration v5r2 IBM DB2
000-442 IBM content manager version 8 IBM DB2
000-513 DB2 Administration for Windows, Linux and OS2..... IBM DB2
000-516 DB/2 Administration for OS/390 IBM DB2
000-544 DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW IBM DB2
000-546 DB2 9.7 Database Administrator for Linux UNIX or Windows Upgrade IBM DB2
000-612 IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 10 for z/OS IBM DB2
000-700 IBM DB2 udb v8.1 family fundametals IBM DB2
000-701 IBM DB2 udb v8.1 database admin for linux unix and windows IBM DB2
000-702 DB2 udb v8.1 for z/os database Administration IBM DB2
000-704 DB2 udb v8.1 advanced db admin for linux,unix+windwos IBM DB2
000-706 DB2 v8.1 for linux,unix and windows db admin upgrade IBM DB2
000-730 DB2 9 Family Fundamentals IBM DB2
000-731 DB2 9 DBA for Linux,UNIX and Windows IBM DB2
000-732 DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administrator IBM DB2
000-737 DB2 9 System Administrator for z/OS Exam IBM DB2
000-M84 IBM DB2 pureScale Technical Mastery v1 IBM DB2
000-M89 IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Technical Mastery Test V1 IBM DB2