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he forefront, Ding Li, Zhang Wei four people standing behind him. Six hundred brothers stood Dell Certification in the courtyard, holding high incense in their hands, facing the Guan Gong statue on the incense case, followed Zhou Dell Certification Xingzu three times, drinking blood wine, and then handing a famous post to Zhou Xingzu, they were considered to be under the door of Zhou Xingzu Although it was only an ordinary gang to collect people, it could not be compared with the scene when Zhou Xingzu was in the door of Feng Jinglian. However, there are still some rivers and lakes. Only after the ceremony, they will have a sense of identity with Zhou Xingzu. According to the rules of the rivers and lakes, they will truly become the brothers of Zhou Xingzu. At the ceremony, it was Feng s ten rules. Now Zhou Xingzu is backed by Feng s family. For the time being, there is no need to play a new font. Pulling Feng s banner, just follow Feng Jia s mix. If Zhou Xingzu.himself modifies some rules, it will provoke Feng Jingzhen s suspicion. After the completion of the help, six hundred brothers, Qi Qi kneeling on the ground, shouted a big brother Dell Certification it exam to Zhou Xingzu, the ceremony was really finished. Next, Zhou Xingzu took out the red seal that he had already prepared, and sent it alone. Now,

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