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with this little thing, and he did not pay attention to it. He plans to find an excuse to find the landlord to return the deposit first, and then rent a room. In the vicinity of the university town, the most important thing is the rental house. However, when he was about to leave, the door was slammed open, and a long legged sister tied with a ponytail, carrying a bag of fruit, pushed the door open. She saw Zhou Xingzu inside, stunned and stepped back two steps. After confirming that I didn t go to the wrong room, I walked in again and took out an apple from the bag and handed it to Zhou Xingzu Which one is you, why is it in Ericsson Certified Technology it exam my room Zhou Xingzu saw the apple in her hand and felt it in front of her eyes. The sister is a bit cute and cute. Ericsson Certification Such a girl is definitely a man. Fortunately, Zhou Xingzu has a Ericsson Certified Technology special function. After scanning it again, I finally confirmed that I was a real sister. But the sister sells Meng, it must be prevented, which makes Zhou Xingzu cautious. Touching the nose, he pointed at the computer and smiled I am the former tenant, come back to take my things. The girl showed a stunned look Oh, sorry, my name

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ECP-102 Ericsson Certified Technology - IP Ericsson Ericsson Certified Technology