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o play, antiques, gambling stones, stocks, which come What kind of money will be played when the money is cool. Luo Jia can t compare with the family of the scum male ex husband, so if you want to pull over your ex husband, you have to work hard. Money is the most important. Zeng Linglan, who was sitting on the side of the rest, first made Luo Liangliang, and his face turned black in an instant, especially when the cool smile toward Zeng Linglan, Zeng Linglan s heart was not stuffed. After about ten minutes, the director let everyone rest for twenty minutes, and then the Ericsson director went to the cool side of the fart and greeted him with a smile. Ms. Luo.I will finish the meal early in the morning, do you want to have a meal together Wu guides his face with a beard and grows fiercely, but this kind of thing makes Wu Ericsson Certification guide a real eye. Waiting for the cool answer, the next Bell Lele has already said Wu Guide is polite, too expensive, is the Ericsson it exam place fixed I immediately let people set the position. Wu Dao also knows about Zhong Lele. The boss of the boss of Zhong, the niece of his boss, must be pleased. Well, how many of us Zhong Lele s line of sight fell silently on Lu Yan, who was not far away. Wu guides a moment to understand, immediately said I understand, Miss Zhong is relieved. Cool on the side, watching Zhong Lele look awkward, Wu guides the face of I understand you , so these two people What is the brain When the shooting was completed today, Wu guide took Lu Lu, who was

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
ED0-001 Ericsson msc/bsc competence exam Ericsson Ericsson Certification
ED0-002 Ericsson bts competence exam Ericsson Ericsson Certification
ECP-102 Ericsson Certified Technology - IP Ericsson Ericsson Certified Technology