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rst sight, it makes no sense. She turned around at home, seeing the broken bricks or the former look, the wooden buckets that received the rain were also honestly resting on the bottom, and the bottom of my heart could not help but be complicated. Oh, fortunately, I made a queen. If not, I really have to live with this broken roof for a lifetime. When she thinks about it, she feels that she is a bit cheesy. She thinks about the w.orldly things of the world, so she FileMaker Certification dislikes herself. After a while, a person came in from outside and was a deputy of Jiang Tingfeng. Small Lang will, Hou Ye came to order, saying that it is for you to go back to the capital together. This Hou Ye in the mouth is naturally Jiang Tingfeng. A few days later, Hou Ye will have to return to the dynasty. With such a reminder, Jiang Yuexin was shocked and it was time to return to FileMaker Certification Beijing. She didn t break the door when she came back. She brought a small amount of things. She didn t need to do some work at all. She took a little or two clothes and it was finished. In a few days, she followed Jiang Tingfeng s army and went south to Beijing. There was some bumps in this road, and I didn t sleep well. When she arrived in Beijing, she was a little sleepy. It was clearly the day of the triumph, but she could not stop playing. When Jiang Tingfeng saw her sleepy, she let her sit in the carriage and go to Xiaoxiao FileMaker Certification it exam for

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