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is in the head rest, her hands are flat, the front is visible, the lower jaw HCNA-Cloud it exam is slightly raised, and then the eyes are closed. Mrs. Lu, well, you can get up Ye Zhongming quickly sent out the brain CT report and handed it to Lu Lixing. Lu Lixing directly turned to the results of the last page, and the results showed that everything was normal. The results of the CT report of Mrs. Lu s brain showed that the hippocampus and the marginal leaves that control memory and emotions were not traumatized. Oh, lying. The hippocampus and marginal leaves that control memory have no trauma. What this means means that when Ye Xi reappears in front of him, he has alr.eady carefully planned a game, just waiting for him to jump. Ye hope after rigorously enforce the land from the study, has followed him to the balcony sliding HCNA-Cloud door open, she saw him standing upright Jun figure in a soft light, a small Shenghuan him. Er Ye Lu rigorously enforce the arms supporting his The carved railings on the open air balcony, smelling, turned and gaze coldly on her. The little woman shrunk behind the door, a white tender handcuffs pulling the door, a small hand behind her back. Big eyes squatted a few times, look Huawei Certification pale, Two Lord, we, can you change a mobile phone Ye Xi will stretch out the little hand behind him, in the soft palm of his hand, is a pink mobile phone. Lu Lixing deep eyebrows pick, How, do not like Pink, very sui

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HC-016-511-CHS Huawei Certified Network Associate-Building Cloud Computing Platform (HCNA-BCCP) -CHS Huawei HCNA-Cloud