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and he was really drunk. He ran into the bathroom and spit two HCNA-LTE times. The party did not end until half a hour in Beijing. At the KTV door, everyone looked like a man with a large canine in the cool neck, and they left with a slap in the face and greeted the two. The scorching breath is sprayed on his sensitive HCNA-LTE it exam neck with a strong wine smell. The cool skin gradually glows with a touch of pink. He reaches Li Xuan and walks towards the parking lot. He finds Li Xuan s car and cools the car door. Li Xuan was thrown into the car s co pilot and then slammed his seat belt. From the other side of the car, sitting on the driver s seat, cool and turned to look at the drunk Li Xuan, sighed, dr.unk into this must not be able to go home. Start the engine, cool and bring people directly back to her residence. Help Li Xuan get off the bus, go upstairs, open the door, enter the house, and the Huawei Certification door is closed and the door is closed. Throwing people on the sofa, the drunk Li Xuan suddenly screamed and shouted Come, drink, who doesn t drink the grandson Li Xuan, honestly What, someone will be embarrassed later. Li Xuan, who was

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HC-411-CHS Huawei Certified Network Associate-Huawei LTE Technologies and Device-CHS Huawei HCNA-LTE