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s, cool is really very grateful. I really want to thank me Su Hui leaned over and leaned close to her face. The man s HCNA-VC it exam warm breathing sprayed out, and the cool body leaned back, avoiding s slightly embarrassing posture, lifting the cockroach, and looking at the man s burning gaze, some did not know how to open. Cool, I don t want to verbally thank you, can you Huawei Certification come to the actual one Su Hui s face showed a rogue smile, his arms on the back of the cool chair, the action seemed to be like cooling the whole person together The chairs are shrouded together. Is this man drooling In the cool mind, I remembered that I was just downstairs, the man HCNA-VC s kiss, and I felt that the lip was still hot. Su Hui, you know, I am not the same as you. Cool and squeaky voices sounded. She is different from him, the type is different, what is together cough, a bit heavy mouth It s different. Su Hui raised his hand and put the hair falling down next to the cool cheek behind his ear. He continued to say I am a man, you are a woman, of course different. How can men and women be the same, originally men and women It s not the

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HC-011-831-CHS Huawei Certified Network Associate - Video Conference (HCNA-VC) - CHS Huawei HCNA-VC