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pavement, completely detonated the audience. Zhou Sheng, Zhou Sheng is coming. Mr. Zhou is really there. It turns out that Mr. Zhou is really a disciple of God. The gambling is on board, and I will take this scene quickly. In fact, more than half of the reporters present today are dire.cted at Zhou Xingzu. thought that Zhou Xingzu would not appear on this occasion. I didn t expect him to come. At the same time, the rich also immediately stepped forward, surrounded by Zhou Xingzu, and followed him on board. Dozens of bodyguards are scattered and protect Zhou Xingzu from all angles. I don t think he really came back. It seems to be a piece of cake for him. Well That person is Chen Xiaodao Hussein stood on the gambling boat, his eyes narrowed and he looked at Zhou Xingzu who came towards him Originally thought that HCNP--UC it exam this small gambling boat would not enter the HCNP--UC eyes of the gambling sacred, I did not expect to bring him. This made Hussein s heart secret, but he knew that although he was at the press conference, he claimed that the gambling was his brother. However, the newspapers have been well managed. Except for some rich people who will know the news, the newspapers basically do not see Huawei Certification relevant reports. The ori

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HC-812-CHS Huawei Certified Network Professional - Unified Communication (Fast Track) -CHS Huawei HCNP--UC