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nded, a HCNP-Cloud it exam smiling regulating the family. soon as I returned to my yard, I saw my eldest son staying in the yard. This place has not gone. I waited for so long in the yard, and when I saw my mother coming back, Xue Bai, who has always been calm, couldn t wait to say How is it I have your mother, I am out, what is wrong, I should have come down. After a while, I will pick a day and officially come to the door to raise my family. Speaking of this, Xuemu looked up and Huawei Certification saw her son s breath, and continued to say Look at your unexpected situation, right. I just heard from you, Qi Zizi, said that it s cool to go to the town. Xue Bai s flash of light flashed and he walked out and walked out. Hey, where are you going, don t bring guys to the ground Xue mother shouted. Xue Baitou did not return to say I went to the town to buy something. Looking at Xue Bai s back, Xue mother snortedIt is said that the female university does not stay in the school. In Xue s opinion, it is true that the daughter in law has forgotten her mother. Going to the town to HCNP-Cloud buy things, buy and buy, not just yesterday. It s not enough to go directly to find

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HC-016-521-CHS Huawei Certified Network Professional-Building Cloud Computing Solution (HCNP-BCCS) -CHS Huawei HCNP-Cloud