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. Touching the shoulders of his hands, Qi Tian Da Sheng pouted, and said You hurt me Hey old grandson will kill you The great wrath is unstoppable , and there is a sense of fear in the bottom of my HCNP-VC it exam heart. After all, a fairy is hurt by a god, how unimaginable it is. Even this kind of thing has happened. Is it really impossible to do other things A sinister, emerging in the heart of the Great Sacred. At this time, Zhou Xingzu waved a long sleeve HCNP-VC and dissipated the white bones of a thousand feet. He stood in the air and looked at the Qitian Dasheng on the cloud, and he decided to make a decision. Winning the pursuit The winner will be revealed at this moment Zhou Xingzu knows very well that he has an advantage in the moment , and he must take advantage of the s.ituation when he is at Huawei Certification hand. So he reached out his palm, this palm was unremarkable, and there was no blessing of the bones. Because of the white bones, there is no blessing on this palm, so Zhou Xingzu will disperse it. However, the whole Wuyue Mountain, as if it was a shock, has a wonderful resonance with the palm of Zhou Xingzu. This palm I am the artistic conception that I realized from the palm of my hand, and turned it into my own opinion. I wanted to build a door, a magic weapon like a white bone. But at this time, I named it. For the sake of the five gods Zho

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H11-861-CHS Huawei Certified Network Professional - Video Conference Huawei HCNP-VC
HC-832-CHS Huawei Certified Network Professional - Video Conference (Fast Track) -CHS Huawei HCNP-VC