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he side, raised his face and looked at his mother. He suddenly thought of something in his mind. The eyeballs turned around and said It s very boring, mother, just now. There is an aunt who comes to find his father. Su Zhihui I heard the son s words and almost fell off the office chair. Is it really his life to be so eager to play a small report Cool to hear the words of his son, lifted his eyes, his Hyperion it exam eyes fell on the body of Su Zhihui, a corner of his mouth, like a smile to the man. Oh, it s very popular.Su Zhihui was looked at by the coolness of this sight, and there was a little bit of a sense of ecstasy. Suddenly, I thought about the pursuit of Oracle Certification the son, and the face Hyperion of Su Zhihui was black. Made as if she did not pursue the person, he and she are eight pounds and eight, he has something to be guilty. Thinking of this, Su Zhihui blackened his face, picked up his coat and stood up, stepped forward to the cool front, leaned over and picked up Jiangyan, and said with a deep voice Go, go out for lunch. Cool and noticed Su The low pressure on the emblem, some inexplicable, looked at the man in the man s arms, but saw his son made a love can help expression to her. It can be imagined how big the shock of a family of three going out of the office. Su, married, and Secretary Jiang, son is a few years old The company s female employees burst into tears in the toilet, and sure enough, good men are not theirs. Su Zhihui drove with a cool and

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1Z0-532 Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials Oracle Hyperion
1Z1-532 Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials Oracle Hyperion