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to, this play is called Feng still nest , and it is said that there is a minister who died in the Ming Dynasty, named Cheng Pu. The second daughter, the eldest daughter looks ugly, the second daughter looks beautiful. The lady of Cheng Pu chooses the son in law for the two women. Miyamoto 52 looks at the beautiful appearance on the stage, the handsome and IBM Certified Associate BPM Developer it exam handsome Cheng Ailing, where can I care Listening to Zhou Xingzu s speech, just perfunctory and he nodded, his eyes staring at Cheng Ailing. Zhou Xingzu.was extremely upset about Miyamoto s fifty two eyes, but he could only hold it in his heart and watched it silently. This Feng IBM Certified Associate BPM Developer still nest IBM Certification , the twists and turns of the plot, very exciting. What he said earlier, even a syllabus is not counted. Sitting in the position, you will naturally be immersed in the beauty of Peking Opera. Even the old ghost of Miyamoto 52, who is shaking his head, is happy. He does not know that he is an old ticket friend. And unlike the ordinary old drama, this play Feng still nest is a new play adapted by Mei Zongshi according to the Qing Dynasty Tibetan Book, Circular Order. The plot is clever, the line is complete, and the vocals are gorgeous and chic, such as singing, and Cheng Ailing is even more exciting. There is also a martial arts drama, Cheng Ailing will come up with the eight game kick. This is also the practice of Cheng Ailing s hard work in the life, and the practice of pressing the bott

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