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u Xingzu was really unresponsive, only picked up the bag and turned and left. In the eyes of the sisters, this pork is poor, but not the same as other guests. When I was doing things, I was gentle and graceful. When I finished the work, I would talk a lot about the little stories she had never heard before, and let her sleep. This makes the sister who sells from a young age have a feeling of love. This is also why pork is not enough to pay for every job, she is still willing to come to the door to do business. However, this time the sister was angry. She decided to go to the pork shovel tomorrow and take back the overnight money tonight. Zhou Xingzu was depressed in bed, and he knew that tomorrow s sister would definitely come to him for an account. This kind of IBM Certified Expert clear feeling of no.t playing, but also to pay, really makes people very unhappy. But he can t deny it, because logically, he has a deep exchange with his sister. Finally turned over the wallet of the bed, Zhou Xingzu found that it was all a ticket, and could not afford the overnight fee. It seems that I have to sell the hue again I continued IBM Certified Expert it exam to sleep in bed and went back to sleep. Zhou IBM Certification Xingzu waited until the early hours of t

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C4120-785 IBM PureFlex Sales Expert V1 IBM IBM Certified Expert