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ern county. Zhang Xiu Dajun just arrived at the ground level, but was stopped by an army. Waiting for the two sides to open up the battle, I saw the opposite three members of the generals immediately before the battle, it is Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Tai Shici three. Guan Yu took the knife and said it to Zhang Xuan. My big brother and you have no hatred. You and I are the same one. Why do you win the Wuzhou County now Although Zhang Xiu was surprised, it was still hard. The scalp said This is the city of the Han family. Everyone should have a point. Why can you only take it Guan Yu listened to Zhang Xiu, who was rude, and his eyes were slightly stunned. Embroidered. Zhang Xiu sees this, Yi Ran is not afraid, the horse is quite a gun to welcome. The battle is not twenty one, Zhang Xiu will be IBM Certification left and right, and the cover can t be separated. Zhang Fei and Tai Shici sneaked up to the army. Zhang Xiujun s slain was ruined. He went to the west and lost.more than 50 miles. Guan Yu IBM Certified Solutions Specialist originally wanted to catch up with Zhang Xiu. Suddenly, he saw a middle aged scribe with a narrow and long looking face. Guan Yu secretly said, This person is probably a consultant of Zhang Xiu. Could it be that Jia Yu, who is called the drug in the later generations The thought turned sharply. Guan Yu gave up Zhang embroidery decisively and chased the scribe. He was a rabbit, and he came to the side of the IBM Certified Solutions Specialist it exam scribes in a s

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-820 Rational Team Concert V4 IBM IBM Certified Solutions Specialist
C2140-820 Rational Team Concert V4 IBM IBM Certified Solutions Specialist
C2170-050 IBM i2 COPLINK Detect V4.x IBM IBM Certified Solutions Specialist