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by this song. Hao Xichen frowned and shook his glass of wine. Isn t that quiet here How is it so noisy Ye Runan opened the door and.listened carefully. Forgive them, it should be a birthday, just a little while birthday Haoxi Chen could not help holding the glass of a finger tight, sake sprinkled in his IBM Certification hand, but he was unaware, today s birthdays really is more What who s birthday Yeru Nan Cou Go to him and ask curiously. Nobody Hao Xichen put down the wine glass and picked up a piece of sashimi with chopsticks. Well, yes, it should be a secret sauce, you try it Ye Runan didn t think he could answer. The dish has been on for a long time, he has been squatting. The boss is not easy to open, he still does not hurry to eat Well, IBM PureFlex Systems teppanyaki is also delicious, next time I come with Mengqi Ye Runan, who has been confused by the food, did not know what he was saying, and he exposed the little secret. Oh Hao Xichen raised his eyebrows and joked. Which Mengqi is Mengqi Is it the big star Mengqi or your little lover Mengqi Ye Runan was dumb, he laughed a few times, pretending to know nothing. Continue to bow down for dinner. I didn t expect IBM PureFlex Systems it exam y.ou to be with Jiang Mengqi After a long time, Hao Xichen slowly opened his mouth. Ye Runan smiled. Yeah, I didn t think of it. She stayed with me for so long, maybe it is also used to it The two big men smiled and tacitly rai

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C2130-784 IBM PureFlex Technical Expert V1 IBM IBM PureFlex Systems