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simply too sad. After eating lunch, I took Kai to the mall with coolness and planned to buy some clothes. After all, she said that she IBM System x was away from the trip, but she did not bring anything except money. Come to the mall, cool into a favorite brand store, behind Kay like a small slave like to follow. The cool, slender, white fingers crossed on a row of clothes, and said to the clerk on the side This one, this one, and this one, the one over there, give me a code word for me. Try, and the red shoes take thirty six yards Ah The clerk was shocked by the cool local tyrants, and the cl.othes in their store were not cheap, even the cheapest ones had tens of thousands. This beauty has chosen such a big bang, I don t really want to buy it. Cool look at the clerk who did not move, Xiumei pick, and said Why, is there a problem No, no, Miss, please wait, I will give you this. The clerk returns to IBM Certification God and upholds the customer. It is God s principle, IBM System x it exam patiently taking the clothes that are cool and cool, and taking them to the locker room. Just after the coolness and the clerk followed the coolness and entered the fitting room, the store door was pushed away again. The two women came in together from the outside, a woman about 50 years old, and the other two. Young woman in her teens. Kay sat on the sofa

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