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tenant policy well. Liu Bei greeted Guo Gong with a good voice, and rewarded Sun Quan s luxury goods to Guo Gong.. This can make Guo Gong happy, although his Guo family is rich, such things are also quite a lot. But this is Liu Bei s reward, and that meaning is not normal. Guan Yu thought that there would be another time for the millet to mature. There is no disaster this year. It is estimated to be a bumper year. When the money and grain gradually became abundant, it was time for the soldiers to find Cao Cao to discuss. His mind IBM WebSphere - Software Sales Mastery came here, and after doing a few cups, he felt that his heart IBM Certification was burning. I feel that it is not good to fight a big victory, it is difficult to vent my anger. Even Zhang Fei, who has always been addicted to alcohol, sees that his second brother IBM WebSphere - Software Sales Mastery it exam is like a personal change, and he is secretly worried there. He couldn t help but urged his second brother to drink less. Liu Bei also knew that the second brother was in a bad mood, so he did not desperately urge the public to the public. The banquet soon ended. Then he stayed with four brothers

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