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pring hunting, but also other ladies. After the group gathered, they went towards the Taiqing Mountain in the suburbs. With the road, the sun slowly left. After an hour, the group finally arrived at the destination and found an empty ICRM Certification place to camp. After everything is in ICRM it exam place, everyone is ready to take a break and go hunting in the mountains. Cool standing under the tree, watching this lush green, the mood is wide open in a moment, Miss Zhongzhong, really not a person, a small yard every day, this trick, really open minded. Hey, cool and cool, will you shoot an arrow A voice came from behind. Cool and turned, on the line of Xue ICRM Qier s line of sight, pink lips slightly, revealing a smile. You won t, like you, Miss Jiao, you won t see it at a glance. Xue Qier screamed. I didn t think that she was cool and cool, but she was not gentle, but she would hunt, but it would be cool but not I finally pulled back a city I will. Chapter 242, she is the weak white flower 14 looking a.t the horse in front of him, the horseshoes stepping on the ground and making a slight noise, cool and blinking and the horse in front of the big copper bell The eyes are facing each other. Xue Qier stood in the cool and motionless standing there, chuckling, and said Shu cool, this is a mare, gentle personality,

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
PART1 Management Principles and the Records and Information (RIM) Program ICRM ICRM certification
PART2 Records Creation and Use ICRM ICRM certification
PART3 Records Systems, Storage and Retrieval ICRM ICRM certification
PART4 Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection and Disposition ICRM ICRM certification
PART5 Technology, Equipment and Supplies ICRM ICRM certification
PART6 Case Studies ICRM ICRM certification