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e used freely for 24 hours. Zhou especially leaned on the edge of the eucalyptus pool and vacated for a moment, and did not consciously think Jiang Che, they should a.ll be a small spa. However, the pool she soaked was very cold, no one else, no different from the private soup. In the evening, the twilight is four in one, the breeze is cool and the air is fresh. Zhou You pulled the hair loosely into the head of the ball, half leaning against the pool, revealing a white neck, a thin clavicle, a thin swimsuit sling hanging on the shoulder, whitening the skin. The hot spring water is buoyant, she relaxes, and the people will rise and fall slightly at the poolside. When going up, the beautiful scenery of the swimsuit is looming. Zhou Yu was so hard to relax, IFPUG Certification closed his eyes for a moment, and unexpectedly, heard a subtle conversation. When she knew that she was blinking, she saw Jiang Che naked with her upper IFPUG Certifications body and a black swimming trunk standing by the pool. Jiang Che is very good, probably trained consciously, the abdominal muscles are in pieces, the lines are very good, can see IFPUG Certifications it exam the power, and will not make people feel arrogant and nausea. Just a little embarrassed.Ji

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
140-420 Certified Function Point Specialist IFPUG IFPUG Certifications
I40-420 Certified Function Point Specialist IFPUG IFPUG Certifications