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s Ghost hunting theory was compiled into The Collection of Leon Masters. Under the six words of ghost hunting, he became the highest secret in the ghost world. The ghost catching community has gradually grown and become the most LSI powerful mysterious force on Hong Kong Island. The Leon Master has also been honored as the originator of the ghosts Now Zhou Xingzu has officially stepped into this haunted house LSI Certification with a ghost hunting team. In the first moment of his step into the haunted house, LSI it exam he immediately brushed up a plot of the task. The third ring story mission.changed from Ghost Hunting Corps to Super Ferry. You only need to catch the sorrows in the haunted house, and you can complete the task. Hunting the Ghosts , it was pushed according to the rules and became the story task of the fourth ring. That is to say, after Zhou Xingzu took the ghost carrying army and walked out of the haunted house, he could directly complete the two ring plot mission. I think that Zhou Xingzu s mood is much better. Shouting at the front of the door, shouting Hey you a chocolate bean. This sorrowful soul is the one who stood at the door and guarded the door and pointed to the middle of Zhou Xingzu and others. It always thought that Zhou Xingzu and others could not see its existence. But when Zhou Xingzu came to the squad with the Ghost Hunting Corps, it immediately knew that it was not good, and turned to escape

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
L50-501 LSI SVM5 Implementation Engineer LSI LSI Certifications
L50-502 LSI SVM5 Solutions Architect LSI LSI Certifications
L50-503 LSI SVM5 Sales Consultant LSI LSI Certifications