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at Deaf, I probably shouldn t look for her. Volume 1 Chapter 224 The thoughts of going to thousands of mountains and waters Chapter 224 The thoughts of going to thousands of mountains and waters, Jomer has never got the news of Xiao Yan, and can t help it. I called a phone to Zhao Qian. Zhao Assistant, did A Yan contact you Xiao Yan seems to have told Zhao Qian what, Zhao assistant is.somewhat difficult to say MrsI Qiao Mo frowned, Isn t A Yan let you tell I, what is he doing now Zhao Qian is afraid that Jormado thinks, No, no, BOSS is now on a business trip. It is no longer in Switzerland. It may be too busy recently, so you have not gotten his call If people can play through his phone, but I could not get through alone, assistant Zhao, Yan Ah you say is not at all bother me Qiaomo meaning of these words, too obvious. Xiao Yanlian and Zhao Qian s phone were all picked up. But they just didn t Microsoft Certification pick up her phone. Isn t MCDST it exam this obvious Don t want to take care of her Jomo s chest is a MCDST bit stuffy. Is it because of the last time in Switzerland, he is still angering her now Zhao Qian quickly explained Mrs. I am definitely not what you t

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70-271 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a MS Windows XP OS Microsoft MCDST
70-272 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications Microsoft MCDST