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o Qiao heard that he had to leave Chaisang. There were one hundred and eighty unwillingness in her heart. She looked at Guan Yu with dismay. Where are you going to take me to some place Xiao Nizi s temper is rising. Seeing her like Guan Yu is also a headache. Although she and Da Qiao have not done anything, it is basically a nail. So in front of this is his own little nephew, there is such a relationship, Guan Yu is still pretty good for her on weekdays. I didn t expect Xiao Qiao to lick his nose and face it, and dare to play with himself. Chapter 358, a thousand words, the words are not.complete. Guan Yu took a look at McAfee Certification it exam Xiao Qiao, and then he said with unclearness You are also ready to prepare, and we will immediately start after we have packed up. I will not go Little Joe is a beautiful woman, tears are like no money. After she used this trick a few times, she McAfee Certification let Guan Yu see the clues, so now I ignore it directly, crying and crying. When Xiao Qiao saw that this move didn t work, he gave his tears back. Then she stared at Guan Yu with her eyes open, not knowing what a ghost idea was being played. After a while, Xiao McAfee Certification Qiao suddenly burst into laughter. Off the general, you are afraid. Guan Yu

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