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w my words, you sh.ould know how much I am. Now I ask you to let me go, or I will shoot her right away. Chen Yongren shouted, he obviously did not have Han Hao smart, but even wanted to take a nightmare. To threaten Zhou Xingzu. In fact, if he does not do this, Zhou Xingzu may choose to let him go because of his feelings. But now Chen Yongren undoubtedly pushed himself to the opposite of Zhou Xingzu. Zhou Xingzu smiled at him Let s shoot, Chen police officer. You can shoot, but don t forget that you are a policeman. Chen Yongren clenched his gun and suddenly trembled, he could not channel How do you know. There is Mcse2000 TO Mcse2003 Upgrade it exam no impenetrable wall in the world. Otherwise, why do so many bodies of twenty five babies get caught from the river every year Zhou Xingzu said this sentence, in the cabin The sound of the gunshots. The one Mcse2000 TO Mcse2003 Upgrade who fell down was Chen Yongren, because he always remembered that he was a policeman. He shot and killed the hostages. He couldn t keep this heart and threatened Zhou Xingzu. To end life early, for Chen Yongr.en, it is not a lucky. At least he can no longer suffer, from the infernal hell. Microsoft Certification 34th Stud Victoria Hotel, the top floor hall. There was a gambling table in the center, and Hong Guang sat on the side of the gambling table and watched the door with stability. The finals of the World Gaming Championships, half an hour, are about

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70-296 Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment Microsoft Mcse2000 TO Mcse2003 Upgrade