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d horses brought from Youzhou, Liu Bei ha.s more than 15,000 people. NACVA Certification Then Liu Bei discovered a thing that made him very headache. Under his hand, there is not a decent civil servant. He heard that NACVA Certification in the plain country, there are several scholars. It makes people have a gift and wants to go to the invitation. Guan Yu said to Liu Bei Big brother, these so called literati, mostly from the sects, they meet each other, and friends compare to the party. Although the eldest brother is an emperor, these scholars are self important and will not be used for you at the moment. In my heart, as long as I wash my ears by the river, and then let people spread. NACVA Certification it exam Just give a filial piety, you can get a higher official position than your eldest brother. I see these people, please do not ask for it Liu Bei listened to the exaggeration of the second brother, naturally he did not believe. Although Guan Yu was helpless, he could only go with him. The consequences, as Guan Yu said, are mostly closed. The rest of the people, etc., are also rumors, let Liu Bei hit the w.all and return. Now in this world, it has not been completely messed up into a pot of porridge. These literary people have a way to advance. They simply looked down on Liu Jun s official appearance. I remember that when he first came, Guan Yu remembered that Cao Cao was still in the country of Jinan, and he could not help but be a guard against Liu

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