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Jiang Yan. The face turned black, until Zhong Hang left, Jiang Yan still black face and said nothing, when the cool look came, Jiang Yan walked back to the room. Cool look at the proud Jiaojiang Hey, it seems that he was angry with her for the first time, and he touched the nose with a cool touch. He NACVA it exam followed Jiang Yan and entered the room. Jiang Yan was uncomfortable. He took off his shoes and lay down on the bed. He also rea.ched for his quilt cover. Lived in the face, a pair of people who didn t want to take care of the person. Cool and secretly glanced at the angry man, then sneaked to the edge of the bed, sitting sideways on the side of the bed, reaching out and pushing the man s arm. Are you angry Cool and quietly said Did not answer. Jiang Hao, are you angry NACVA Certification Hey, is the meal good It s all at noon, don t you eat I m already hungry, and there s no room, I m not used to sleeping in the room, you NACVA ll take time to fix it. This door is about to fall, the light inside is not good, there are bugs in the middle of the night. Zhong Mei was unhappy sitting in the yard and complaining, no, it should be Liang Mei now. still don t say anything, I just got up when I was cool. I opened the clothes cabinet and tried to sort out the clothes that I changed. I waited for

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AVA Accredited Valuation Analyst - AVA NACVA NACVA Certification
CVA Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) NACVA NACVA Certification