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, can you do it Although he did not mean to say it, But this is all on the face. Zhang Fei haha burst into laughter and shocked Liu Wei with a pain in his ears. Liu Zhijun, not to mention that his 100,000 soldiers and horses are true or false. In the place where Meng Mengguan slaps a big point, Zhang Luzhen sent 100,000 troops in the past. Then the paving is open Besides, this is not good for him to go up the river. The 100,000 army has gone. What should the grain be done Hey, Lao Zhang seems that the Lu is bound to be a bluff, he can have a Five or six thousand horses will die. Liu Yiyi is such a child, oh don t look at people Zhang Fei is a big old Nortel Certification man, in the end is a leader who has been playing for more than ten years. The few m.embers of my team will be arrogant, and there is no way to be with people. I only know that I am worried about it all day. Looking at Zhang Fei, I said a few words on the idea. Listen to the three generals to say this, I can rest NCDE assured in my heart. But this Lu is coming over, how can we get here Hey This group of thieves, the real purpose of their NCDE it exam fight, is not yet In order to break our grai

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