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alized when he read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This is a photo of their sitting. Huang Xiaogui handed a photo taken by the thief to five brothers. Although the photo is very vague, it is enough to recognize a person. Moreover, he deliberately washed five, to ensure that each brother has a hand, and will never kill the wrong person. At this time, Zhou Xingzu and Liang Xiaoyu were connected in an abandoned warehouse. He lit a cigarette and teased a dog in the warehouse. Hearing the smile of Liang Xiaoying, the head did not return The man who helped the star, did you do it Liang Xiaoyan s eyes are not stunned No. Zhou Xingzu only turned back at this time It s not good, there is What kind of information NCMA Certification There is no intelligence. Liang NCMA Xiaoying took a natural look, and Zhou Xingzu was very upset What do you call me out The next time I want to help Kunge, I will inform you about the guy. Don t check my car. Liang Xiaoyan finished, throwing an undercover log.into Zhou Xingzu and turning around. Zhou Xingzu opened the undercover log, and the book was all blank. Oh, it s enough. Zhou Xingzu received the diary in his arms and his eyes narrowed. The 227th killing hall NCMA it exam password red envelope

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CPCM Certified Professional Contracts Manager(CPCM) NCMA Certified Professional Contracts Manager