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districts, they will not be in danger of protecting their places. I can t wait to sit down early in the hall and give them a chance to go to the top. The two red sticks that followed Jiang Ye, although they were very good, were suddenly shot and could not hold back. Two screams, they fell to the ground. When Jiang Ye saw that the situation was wrong, he was thrown away by the crutches in his hands. When I squatted, I rushed into the car and wanted to avoid bullets by car. A bang. Hong Kong Island s first large scale restaurant, Jiangye, who has been RCSA-V in the rivers and lakes for more than a decade, died under the gun of a student. After killing Jiangye, several students ran with guns and legs, but five people did not run out of the street, and they were surrounded by hundreds of brothers. The nine big talkers came out of the brothers, headed by the big D, RCSA-V it exam pointing to the five humanities Put them up and ask who sent them Yes, big brother. Five students.face hundreds of People, panicked and raised their guns, smashed the bullets in the gun and killed more than a dozen people. But the rest of the people, there is no fear at all, and they grabbed them. Riverbed Certification In the evening, the entire Hong Kong Island underworld received news. And the hall of Liansheng, was actually shot by five students in the doorway. Huang Xiaogui s star gang is really a hit, and all the young and o

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