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sion is decided by the board of directors For this kind of person, Su Keer is not soft. Moreover, there is a general manager like Zhang, the company can still do things. Is it human You Riverbed Certification Zhang Quan s face was very ugly. He wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Zheng s director. Old Zhang, I think you are in a hurry Zheng took him aside and gave him a wink. The chairman is still in the hospital bed, what are you talking about Then he again turned his head, his face wearing trademark smile, his tone a bit anxious, Miss Su, Zhang ah this person is the way you ll excuse how about the chairman we are very worried about him for the crafty Director Zheng, Su Keer is still somewhat worried. She not experienced these unspoken rules RCSP-SD of the workplace, and she does not know how deep the water is. It is naturally very careful RCSP-SD it exam to speak. Dad is no longer in danger. Thank you for your concern said the child softly, then thanked the shallow dagger. That Zheng Zheng looked at the man who was asleep in the ward. When can the chairman wake up This The child didn t know how to answer, and looked at Lin Xiao unconsciously. Lin Xiao stepped forward and looked awkward. The chairman just finished the operation and still have to sleep for a few days. However, the doctor said, as long as you stay

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