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staff suddenly said that the cable car had stopped running. There was a big avalanche Riverbed Certified it exam Riverbed Certified on the mountain. Huo Xing heart squeaky. Avalanche Jorome may still be in the cable car In case the cable car falls he dare not think again. Huoxing clutched the staff s arm and shook him. He said, Is there any way to go up Huoxing was in a hurry and said Chinese. The staff frowned Calming down Please use english Huo Xing sat quietly under the mountain, his hands clasped.his head, he did not know if Jammer would happen. Listening to the staff said that the avalanche occurred suddenly and may cause casualties. Searching for team members and rescue personnel are coming. Huo Xing dialed Xiao Yan s phone. He blushes on the phone with a red eye Jomer went to the wedding ring to find someone on the mountain Now there is an avalanche If she has something I will not let you go Xiao Yan at the other end, the voice is light, calm and calm, I will come right away. Half an hour later, Xiao Yan arrived. The search team also arrived. Xiao Yan wanted to go up with them. The search team was not willing. Xiao Yan calmly said to them in fluent English that he is a professional skier and Riverbed Certification would not be inferior to them. His wife In the mountains, he must go. Whether or not the search team agrees, he must go up the mountain. The avalanche continues, and Huo will not ski and climb. Xiao Yan said that if he did not receive his news before dark today, let him call Z

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301-01 Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate Application Delivery Riverbed Riverbed Certified
399-01 Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional Application Delivery Riverbed Riverbed Certified
401-01 Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate Application Performance Management Riverbed Riverbed Certified