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o be listed on the Hong Ruby it exam Kong Stock Exchange in the second half of this year or early next year. In fact, many domestic technology companies have the ability to go public, but they have been staying on the sidelines, including Jiang Xing. Nbs p However, in order to attract technology Ruby companies, the listing rules have changed. The dual equity companies can also carry out IPOs, that is, initial publi.c offerings. This kind of shareholding structure can ensure that the management has absolute Ruby Certification control over the company and is more acceptable to the technology company. Based on the market and the results of the wait and see, some companies are ready to go public. For example, Jiang Xing. Zhou You knows that Jiang Che is not particularly concerned about the company s listing, listing, and listing. The related matters are all handled by Chen Xingyu. After the opening of the year, Chen Xingyu was like a high speed spinning top, and he did not stop. Zhou You did not see him. But this does not mean that Jiang Che is easy. Before the listing, Jiang Xing will

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RY0-100 Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver Ruby Ruby Certifications